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The world today is on a roller coaster ride on technological innovations. Have the latest gadget in your hand, blink once and you can be sure that some improvements have been made on it in some corner of the globe. Given this scenario, let us see what is trending in the world of technology.

Google glass is back – Remember this gadget from Google that seemed way ahead of its time. It was an optical head mounted device that displayed information like a smart phone and wearers could communicate via Internet with voice commands. In 2015, the device was yanked off the market by Google after many controversies and privacy concerns. Well, it is back again but in a new avatar meant for businesses only and it has been well received. Says Peggy Gulick, AGCO’s Director of Business Process Improvement, “Employees are now working smarter, faster and safer because they have the information they need right in their line of sight.” Only time can tell if this product will be as successful as usual products from Google.

Google Feed mobile search app – Google has announced launch of “Google Feed”, a total overhaul of its existing search app on mobile phones. It will include a personalised feed of links related to travel, sports, hobbies and other similar topics. This move will put Google in direct competition with the present leaders in the area of social networking such as Facebook’s “News Feed”. Google has categorically said that it does not want to replicate Facebook. Instead the company says that it is trying to create another niche to see a stream of search results. Google Feed has been rolled out in the USA with other countries following suit soon.

Facebook launches paid news subscription – Facebook has confirmed that it will soon launch a news subscription product and initial tests are slated for October. Confirming this development, top Facebook executive Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships said, “One of the things we heard in our initial meetings from many newspapers and digital publishers is that we want a subscription product — we want to be able to see a pay-wall in Facebook.” As per reports emerging in the media, Facebook would accommodate metered publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and The Economist. A certain selection of articles would be free and the rest would be put behind a pay-wall.

More news in the pipeline coming up soon, stay tuned.

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